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Life moves at a different pace


4OF9 had his first game of basketball on the weekend, of course we took photos.  When we got home and uploaded the photos this one really drew my attention.  It totally depicts his world.  He was focused on playing, saw the camera raised and went into photo mode.  He’s been taught to look at a camera for photos.  So he did and the whole world moved on, he was totally unaware and totally focused on following a learned pattern.

As soon as we lowered the camera he resumed play.

I hope this photo will help share with you how the world is to a person with autism.  At the same time encourage you that autism doesn’t mean non-inclusion.  4OF9 plays with a regular basketball team and LOVES IT.




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  • http://www.thekidsareallright.com.au/ Rachel @ TheKidsAreAllRight

    That’s amazing – an amazing insight and amazing photo. Thank you!

  • Trish

    Thank you for the insight too – I hope he enjoyed the game .

  • toushkalee

    amazing photo. thanks for sharing. Everything I know about Autism is from reading blogs. I think little insights like this help the rest of us understand. 

  • Grace

    Oh, Jules. That’s just so incredible. I know very little about autism. But this photo is so powerful.
    “So he did and the whole world moved on…” that line alone helped me understand that much more.
    Thank you for linking this beautiful post. x

  • http://www.noonetoldmandie.blogspot.com/ MsMandie

    Just an incredible photo that says it all. Amazing.

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