Dinosaur Ice-Cream Cake

Volcano Cake, Dinosaur Theme Birthday Party

Easily made from simple ice-cream by holding over 2 to 3 sessions, place in freezer for a few hours between sessions to harden the ice-cream before working on it again.  A fantastic volcano look and easy serve scooped into ice-cream cones.  That’s a win for both adults and kids.

Ingredients and items used:

6-8 litres of plain vanilla ice-cream

Grated Cadbury chocolate

Strawberry sauce, you can either fill the centre and top or if like me you have ADHD kids you can put the minimum amount on top and still have a fantastic ‘lava’ effect.

Choc chip cookies broken up for boulders and rocks

Dinosaur props

4 sparklers and candles


hold into volcano shape and layer with grated chocolate.

Pour strawberry sauce for lava, return to freezer.

Place the dinosaurs and trees and return to freezer.

A Sparkling Success


sparklers and candles and this volcano erupts successfully.



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