My Whine, Their Woe

thinking of you

It's week 1, school holidays here in Perth.  Sorry, I don't have top 5 outings for kids, or 8 ways to relax with kids or any numbered miracle cures to survive the holidays.  Instead I sat down to pour out my soul and share my blogging and SEO problems.  Then I sat and thought of other bloggers I … [continue]

A Sleeping Dog Brought Me Down


It’s a mum thing to be able to see into the future, predict what may occur otherwise called gut instinct and mother’s intuition and sometimes we just don’t listen to our own words of wisdom, which in turn may have drastic results. We have two crazy standard poodles, Lucy is chocolate coloured and Honey is […]


A Moment of Irresponsible


We all know how hectic shopping can be so take your one trolley and add 2 more and there you have the approximate trolley load in our home and one very exhausted shopper.  So every now and again I mess up and when I do, I do it well. I had completed winter clothing shopping […]


Knee Deep, Still There’s a Thankful to be Found

retainer renovations

Four years after moving into a house that could fit us we are knee deep in unfinished renovations that are admittedly tedious and expensive.  I’m over it, however it’s not by choice because as room by room falls apart there is no putting off replacing what no longer functions.  Especially when the stove goes up […]


A Friday Quickie Catchup

Do you recall media photos of mums blogging at the kitchen bench top while kids happily played (quietly) nearby? Yeah not happening here.  HOWEVER, I am proud to say this blog post comes to you direct from the kitchen bench top so I’m half way there yes? Actually not, I’m now on the move and […]

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