My Boy – My Aching Heart

My Boy Toddler

Losing a child is no doubt the most intense agony a parent can experience, so intense it stretches into a physical pain that no medication can relieve and time only teaches management techniques not healing.  How do you heal a torn heart?  You can't, you can only patch it and live life grateful for … [continue]

Donga Search


HELP me to help these kids and it will help me too because I’d be so excited that the kids have their happy space. Do you know where we can access unused free buildings….. Edited (June 2014) Every child should have the opportunity to enjoy their own privacy and space.  Having a large foster care […]


From Fat Thinking to Fit Thinking


Standing at school assembly on the final day before school holidays clouds forming and temperature dropping and I’m stepping. That’s okay, people think I’m just keeping warm, not my aim but it’s an added bonus.  I am in fact keeping moving and working towards my personal stepper goal of 12000 steps a day. Pulling up […]


Stitching Beloved Toys, An Act of Love


Amidst the chaos and hundreds of jobs that come with raising nine kids there is the smaller jobs. Like brain surgery on a badly injured bear. Waldo bear (we have no idea how his name became Waldo) was mauled by an over excited pug who got just a tad to up close and personal with […]


A What The? Moment of an Older Mum


    Being 45 isn’t old, except on days when I need help remembering I’m 45 not 44.  I was starkly reminded on the weekend that perhaps I’m alone in that thinking though.  Lucky for me I have a tough skin and a secure heart knowledge that my choices are made for all the right […]

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